Sunday, September 26, 2010

My first week of "Official" homeschooling!!!

Hooray!!! My first week of officially homeschooling my children has come to a close.  And.....drum roll was fun and successful!  I, of course, have been teaching my kids all their lives, but Maxwell is now school age, so things needed to get a little organized.  I talked to my good friend that is a kindergarden and first grade teacher in Alberta who told me the kindergarden curriculum, and I basically figured Maxwell has already intellectually graduated from kindergarden already, so everything I do is just a bonus!

The month of Sept. is our Native American month, and Maxwell has had a blast making tepees and totem poles.  He is VERY excited about making more native grab and thinks it is so hilarious that he has three uncles that are native.  "Are Phil Brent and Pat REALY old?"  ha ha Oh, I just love him.

Hyrum had fun to with his tepee and marker totem pole

Maxwell has LOVED his math and does tons of pages each morning.

We had a great time learning about gravity this week and of course everyone's favourite part was the parachute guy.

Maxwell's reading is getting better everyday.  He read "A rat is in a sack.  That rat is not sad." among other things.  He can read the word "cat" without having to sound it out!  A true breakthrough.  


  1. Good luck as you start out! You have all of my respect. I have no idea at this point if I'll end up following your trend, but you have certainly changed my way of thinking 360 degrees!

  2. congratulations! I enjoyed those pictures. You are doing will continue to do a marvelous job. My only suggestion is that the boys will get plenty of interaction with other children.

  3. GOod for you sweet Lindy! My little Isaac is in kindergarten and I am beginning to realize that I need to supplement this experience more than I anticipated that I would! I wish we were neighbors to collaborate and to support one another with these cute 5 year old boys, not to mention their cute little brothers! I hope you are doing well in other areas of life too! Love, Roach