Friday, January 21, 2011

Presidents Sound off

I know we took a month off for the holidays, but we moved too, so I think we should be forgiven.  Now we are back and back strong.  All my boys love math time (or coloring time for my younger boys) Although, Daniel bites off the ends of the markers, and ends up a ink mess every day.  Now each boy has their own markers….at least they're nontoxic!

This week, we studied presidents, so we talked about the difference between the president of the church, and the president of the United States, however Maxwell didn't think this was the funnest activity since we just posted things on the wall.

We talked about the different jobs that the President of the United States has, and put hats on Obama representing all his jobs.  It was kind of weird teaching so much about Obama since I'm a conservative and not in tune with Obama's politics.  Too bad Maxwell can't be president someday…born in Canada…well, maybe Prime Minister eh?

For science, we learned about sound.  We made sound waves out of streamers, watched rice dance on speakers, made cup telephones, listen to rubber bands through different mediums, and acted out lightning and thunder.  They loved it.

For our field trip we went to the church history museum which was fun since they had a kid's exhibit on. Maxwell insisted that these were the REAL gold plates, and I couldn't convince him otherwise.  They spent forever there having fun…a little too long since whenI came out my meter had ran out,  and the police was there giving me a ticket!  He had pity on me when he saw me all a fluster with three little munchkins in toe….hallelujah! 

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