Monday, February 21, 2011

Tall Tales

This week we learned Tall Tales of the American Frontier.  I even learned a new one…Mike Fink.  This subject was a winner with my kids (of course.) Paul Bunyan is definitely a new favorite hero.  We made yarn dolls and I explained how children on the frontier would make dolls just like this and then pretend stories about the Tall Tale characters with them.  They loved it.

We also weaved placemats out of poster board.  I explained how a story is weaved by many people to make a whole Tall Tale…I'm not sure if they got that symbolism, but they were sure proud of their mats.

For science the light saga continued.  This time we talked about how light bends when it goes through things like water and curved glass (lenses.)  We did a really fun experiment where you put a penny in a bowl and get far enough away that you can't see the penny and then add water to the bowl, and you can see the penny again.  It was like magic.  We also did a lot with magnifying glasses including making a fire….well, it was more like burn holes through dry leaves and make smoke.  We couldn't quite get flames going…it wasn't quite sunny enough.

For field trip, DADDY took the boys to a fire engine museum.  The boys had a BLAST.  They even got free fireman hats.  (Mommy liked the break too :)

For the last two weeks, Maxwell has been taking swimming lessons every morning.  He has loved it and has learned a lot, but I have to say that I'm so glad it's over.  It was getting me out of sync with my morning routine.  Some days we weren't even doing devotionals until after lunch...


  1. I've been reading your posts and wondering -- how is your history curriculum laid out? I mean, how far back does it start with U.S. history and how is it presented? I'm always looking for new ideas and your projects and activities intrigue me. I know you use the Four Year Plan, so maybe you could explain a little bit more how it works with younger kids...Am I making any sense? :) :) :)

  2. I basically do what you do. I decide on my topics for the month, get my activity ideas mostly from the Four Year Plan, and then go to the library and get every book I can find.

    I started with Native americans and I will go through until reconstruction after the civil war, leaving the 1900s to the year I do modern world history. I know I threw in government and presidents in there which had modern history, but that's what Four Year suggested, so it was easier just to go with it.