Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brigham Young

This week we studied Brigham Young.  He was a pretty awesome person in case you didn't know. My boys loved learning about him and the Mormon pioneers, especially how pioneers used buffalo poop for fire.

We played pioneer games for one of our days. These games included pea shooters, stick pulling, and wagon wheel rolling.  I DID take photos but..well, technical malfunction.  We used hula hoops to represent wagon wheels, but they went a little crazy with them and they were broken within about 10 minutes.  Oops.

We also made wagons.  This was right up Maxwell's alley and he relished making this craft.  I think you can tell this when you look at the finished result.

For science we learned about positive and negative charges and batteries.  It was fun because we played with balloons a lot, but it was also frustrating because most of my experiments DIDN'T work! urg...I have not yet been able to make a homemade battery.  I had everything ready to make several kinds of homemade batteries, and not one worked.....I am buying a kit next time! (I think it is fitting that the photos didn't work for my science day that didn't work!)

This week's field trip was a field trip of epic proportions....You would think a simple tour of Brigham Young's Beehive house and walk around temple square would be low key, but no.  From Dustin being asked by a stranger on our tour who was interested in the church to give him a blessing after Dustin bore his testimony to him, to a guy on the street thinking Dustin was a polygamist because we had my friend and her daughter with us, to Hyrum falling into the fountain and getting DRENCHED, this was a field trip that I think I will NEVER forget!

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