Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I give you Savannah for Christmas, Pres. Lincoln"

This week we learned more about the civil war.  The Four Year Plan suggested to act out Gettysburg using little army toys, but I believe that Sherman's March was the most important move in the war.  Sherman's March was to the Civil War what the Atomic bomb was to WWII.  Sherman destroyed the South. From Atlanta to Savannah and then clear up to Virginia, He burnt everything in his path namely the railroads, and ate ALL the food.  The south was psychologically broken because of it and had no supplies. I personally think it saved lives and ended an unendable war.

We acted Sherman's March out.  We made paper houses and railroads made out of matches and put bits of food everywhere. We ate all the food, and burned down the houses and railroads.  Maxwell LOVED this. We talked about how horrible war is, but I'm kind of worried he might think it's fun now too.

We also learned about Abraham Lincoln.  I was going to have this lesson last week on Daniel's birthday since he got tons of Lincoln logs for his present, but we were sick.  We still played with the lincoln logs as our activity and made stovepipe hats and beards.  Did you know that when he was running for pres. a little girl told Lincoln that he was too skinny and that a beard might make him look better and that he always had a beard from then on?

For science we learned about Magnetic fields.  Who doesn't love THAT subject.  We made boats with nail masts that we controlled with magnets, we had car races with magnetic cars, we played with iron fillings, and we made compasses.  Whew!  I think this might be our last science class.

I'm moving this weekend (again) so that's it for a week or two....or maybe I'm done for the year, we'll see.  I still have activities and things swimming around in my head. I will certainly continue with devotionals and reading during the summer.  I will probably blog still too, who knows, but that's it for now!

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  1. Wow, that is an impressive lesson plan. You might be interested to know that Steven Spielberg is doing a movie about Lincoln coming up and that much of the filming will be in Richmond and Petersburg around your old stompin' grounds! Have a good day!