Sunday, September 11, 2011

School is in Session!

Yes, School has started in our household.  It had its successes and failures this week.

Monday was perfect.  We had fun and were productive.  With this blog, I usually share the history/science/fun things and don't really share the math, reading, devotional stuff that we do daily.

Since we are learning the ancient history of our world this year, we began at the beginning....the Very Beginning:  The creation.  We made creation collages complete with baggies of water and tiny flashlights for light.

We also talked about the garden of Eden, and made leaf aprons.  Aren't they the cutest Adam and Eve ever?

Now for the fail part.  On science day, I ended up having a meeting with the school district homeschool corespondent, and a meeting with Hyrum's speech pathologist, so science was sadly cancelled.

Preschool....well preschool didn't go over to well.  We went to the library and then I felt rushed because we had a friend over, and Hyrum didn't want to do anything.  We made monster masks, but Hyrum's was pathetic because he wasn't interested.  When Maxwell came home, Maxwell made a super deluxe mask out of the supplies left!  I hope that Hyrum was like that because of the friend and the rush and is not like this in the future.  Maybe Maxwell has spoiled me with being the oldest.  He naturally loves to do any craft I half way suggest.

For Field trip we went to the creek...actually, we went to the creek three times this week....well come on!  It's still summer weather, right?!

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