Sunday, February 19, 2012

Science Fair and Julius Caesar

This week we had an awesome science fair.  The Cardston Homeschool organization put it on, and I was really impressed with what all the kids did.  There were lots of different kinds of experiments. Each kid got to present their project to the group.  I was really impressed with these two boys that did theirs on Coke.  They really knew their stuff.  Scary stuff that Coke.  They had even got real teeth and soaked one in coke for a few days and one in milk.  The one that was in coke looked pretty scary.

My science club preformed a couple of the songs that I made up for our chemistry class.  Maybe I'll post them singing next week.  I forgot to bring my CAMERA! urrg.

But here's Maxwell afterwords.  He presented his project very confidently, and was so excited to show off his electricity game which everyone wanted to play with.

This week was of course Valentine's day, and Maxwell made me a valentine all on his own while I was sleeping in :)

Cute eh?

We learned about Julius Caesar and Cleopatra this week.  Wow Cleopatra was quite the important figure in history!  I never really realized how big her role was, but now I'm thinking it was her that brought the end to the Roman republic.

We made catapults to drill in Caesar's military background....actually MAXWELL made a working marshmellow-throughing-catapult....without ANY help from me since I was gone visit teaching.  He had seen his cousin make one about six months ago, and he just did it.  What an engineer; he would have had a job in Rome. :)

And we made "aqueducts" that led to our "Roman Baths" to celebrate Cleopatra.

The boys loved this activity.

And in other news, after last week's reading vent, you might realize that Maxwell and I are burnt out a bit with learning to read.  I've decided to switch gears....let's go classic....Dick and Jane, here we come!

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