Sunday, May 27, 2012

All the World's a Stage. Or at Least my House is

This week we continued to learn about the Renaissance, and we focused on Queen Elizabeth the I and Shakespeare.

I love learning about English history.  I guess because my mom grew up in England and the history lessons I would get from her would all be about the Tudor family, Guy Faux, or Oliver Cromwell.  It was fun to pass on the knowledge about Elizabeth to my own kids.  And as our activity we made Elizabethan ruffled collars:

A bit over done eh?  Doesn't Daniel's face say "Mom, what are you doing, you are so silly."

As for Shakespeare, I have a confession to make.  I am not the fan of Shakespeare that so many homeschool moms seem to be.  I acknowledge that he was a genius, the father of modern literature, and brought many important human discussions to light, however, I don't think his characters or Shakespeare himself are very good examples.  I know that's the point sometimes....don't do what these guys did....but for kids, that lesson isn't direct enough for them.

Well, I taught Maxwell about "A Midsummer Night's Dream" this week anyway, and made puppets to act it out.

Our Fairy Queen:

And our Bottom turned Donkey :)  Notice Hyrum in the background having a sock-puppet-play of his own.

Science was called off because of the Canadian holiday, but I was quite good at getting Reading Writing and Arithmetic done.  Maxwell is learning how to tell time quite well.  That's exciting to me.  I remember a long time ago as a new mom trying to be a good auntie and teach my home schooled nieces and nephews how to tell time before they even knew how to count to 60.....that didn't go over well and I realized that homeschooling might be harder then I thought.  Taught in the right sequence of things, teaching time has been just fine.

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