Sunday, September 9, 2012

School is ON! Pirates and Microscopes---oh yah!

The school year has started in our house!  And what better way to start off history, then PIRATES!

I love teaching my kids.  Maxwell was so excited-"Pirates are REAL?" Yes, with tons of interesting facts to learn. I've been having fun reading all our books on pirates as much as the boys. My hubby said to me "Lindy, you don't often repeat yourself, but you've told me how Blackbeard lit his beard on fire MANY times now."  Ha ha.

To celebrate, we dressed up as pirates and we've also had many treasure hunts. Maxwell wanted to be Blackbeard, and made his beard accordingly.

For science we read "Greg's Microscope" and  did whatever Greg did in the book with our own microscope.  This was a win/fail activity.  It was a win because, besides not seeing our own cells, everything worked out just like it did in the book.  We even saw a single cell live organism that we got from aquarium water!

It was a fail because I got frustrated with Hyrum when he put salt on the microscope and frustrated with Daniel when he broke some cover slides.  Even though it's a nice microscope, Hyrum and Daniel's enthusiasm matter more, and I hope I learned from the situation to "never let a problem to be solved be more important then a person to be loved" as Thomas S Monson says.

My future is up in the air right now, so I have been super hesitant to make any co-ops just yet.  We will have a science club for sure and some other co-op as well, but not yet.

Also, I want to record all the books Maxwell's been listening to recently via audio book:

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