Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vacation? NO----Delay in my life? YES

UGGG!  This school year has NOT gone as planned so far!

Do you wonder where I've been?  In Idaho trying to sell our log house AGAIN!  We've sold it "rent to own" in the past.  We've rented it out an additional two times, and now we just want it GONE!  FOREVER!

We've decided that to do this, we need to stay at the log house until it is completely SOLD (for sure this time.)

I thought we would only be in Idaho a few days, now it's been a few weeks.  Thank goodness I packed a couple of things for school, but I left almost everything behind.  History is so frustrating.  Our trains, morse code kit, UV paper, Victorian decoupage kit, and plasma ball are all in Canada.  I guess I'll just jump around with my history subjects.

Also, the library in Cardston had TONS of books on hold for me that were promising to be awesome and perfect for our school and we were in the middle of a great Napoleon book from that library, and now I'll have to figure out what's up with the library here.  UGGG

Well, in the past few weeks my boys might not have learned anything about biology or modern world history, but they've learned what it takes to sell a house.

We went to a science museum before we left for Idaho and had some fun with liquid Nitrogen:

We aslo got hooked up with the homeschool co-op that my sister's family is in:

(photo coming)

 And we got to really get a taste of Idaho and go pick Potatoes!!!

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  1. nothing stops you Lindy, you are an inspiration, you always bloom where-ever you are planted! I love you and we ALL miss you!!!