Sunday, May 4, 2014

We're Back! with a Science Fair

Yes we are back. Goodbye warm Arizona, hello Alberta---it snowed the first day we were back---yah.

We will miss AZ. Where we swam outside everyday and got to spend lots of time with far away cousins.

As far as school goes, we actually did really well at keeping up with reading, writing, and arithmetic.  In fact, Hyrum is to the point that he is starting to tell time.

Geography suffered. We did study India, however. We watched a documentary (eye opener to how rich we are in North America.) and for our activity, we went to the COLOR FESTIVAL!!! We've gone before, and we plan to make it a tradition. It's a hindu (or Harikrishna) form of karma to throw powder color at each other to celebrate the beginning of spring. And it's a total blast.

We also had some other education experiences on our trip. Like having Grandma reading classics like Mary Poppins to my kids-along with some other picture books.


Art (on LONG drives)-this one is Daniel's monster eating a guy--so cute.

Biology lessons---having their newest cousin be born---

And going to things like Natural History Museums.

After a month and a half, we had to cut our trip a little short when William smashed a mirror on top of his head.

But that made it so we were able to be here for the science fair! Hyrum did his on balloons with static electricity. He's always doing this with balloons anyway. It was only natural that this be his experiment.

Maxwell did his on why balloons with water in them won't pop when you put fire under them.

Balloons are so useful. When teaching physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science, I have used balloons many times. If you want a science experiment nook in your house, be sure to include balloons.

Well, we are now in the swing of being home. It's pretty nice. But geography might continue to suffer.

Also for the record, I'll include this photo because these geography books are awesome for kids.

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