Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pressure-----in a lot of ways

This week in science, we leaned about all sorts of pressure. When learning about air pressure, we showed how air could move books, and we also had air blow off rockets.

I don't know how I would be able to do science this year without my new friend, Jandy.  She's a PROFESSIONAL homeschooler :) She's taught public school for around eight years, and taught homeschoolers at a charter school, and now she's teaching me! It's awesome to have help, especially since Abraham needs constant love by one of us.

Not only did we have pressure in science, we had pressure in real life. These horrid politics! Being called a liar is not fun. Tomorrow is the vote--whew!

We actually DID do some history. We learned quite a bit about vikings. and they even started making boats and things, but no photos…what ever.

I think I'll have to figure out how to have a "make up" week or something, so I can get on track with history.

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