Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween, with Pirates, Witches, and Scary Closets

Happy Halloween! I LOVE this holiday.

Here's my cute crew...

My William dragon.

 My Abraham puppy.
 Hyrum the scary lizard.
 My vampires, Maxwell and Daniel.

 And my cute hubby. As ummmm a guy from the past I guess.

Fun fun. Our history went along with the season. We learned about pirates (I used to do pirates at the beginning of modern world history, but I decided I had more time this year than that year, so I changed it.)

We dressed up, made Blackbeard's jolly rogers, and went on a treasure hunt.

We also learned about the Salem witch trials. We carved pumpkins as our activity.

For science, we learned about different kinds of energy (Light, heat, nuclear, etc) As one experiment we lit sparklers and talked about the different kinds of energy it was making.

And as for scary closets---take a look at what my school closet USED to look like:

yah, scary-----but check out what it looks like NOW!

BOOM BA DA BOOM! No more searching frantically for that eye dropper while a dozen kids are waiting for me and the next experiment. I KNOW WHERE IT IS NOW!!! WHOO HOOO!

And my kids have finally memorized where all 50 US states are.

Well, Maxwell memorized it at least.

Happy Halloween!!!

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