Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Shadows and More Guests

I love Cardston. I love that our friends from Cardston are such good friends that they come and visit us. We had more guests this week, although they did not stay at our house. We went to China town again.

For science this week we started to learn about light. Of course, shadows are part of learning about light, so we had a shadow puppet show.

We continued to do our usual math. I had always thought that Rightstart was lacking in drilling, and that they didn't teach doubles. For Maxwell I taught and drilled doubles before Rightstart mentioned them at all.

For Hyrum I hadn't got around to it. Then, last week, Rightstart had Hyrum adding doubles, and he could do it! Without any memorization and without any drilling, he could see an abacus in his head, and that was enough.

Not only that, but he can do doubles when it's part of a two digit number!!!

See that 67+7? or the 66+6? yep Hyrum does it like this- (67=60+5+2) + (7=5+2) = 60+10+4=74. Not sure if you got that, but Hyrum TOTALLY gets that. He's very comfortable with it in fact, and I'm delighted.

Maxwell is missing our guests but before they left he made his own uno cards out of cardstock and duct tape, and he's been begging every member of the family to play with him ever since.

And yes, we are still doing less school than we usually do, but you know what? I HAVE FIVE BOYS!!! I have been more happy and at ease with life for the past few days than in a long time.

I spent some of that extra time making movies to help my kids. I am very proud of my first ever animated movie!

When I do "one on one" with my boys, really it's one-on-three. Check it out:

That's how I look 90% of the time. Abraham on top of our work (I NEVER leave him unattended- don't worry.) And William on my lap, playing with all the manipulatives. Yep.

But hey, they're cute. Especially my feather-haired sweetie.

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