Sunday, June 14, 2015

Butterflies, Bikes, and Birthdays

Well, I guess you'll get a few more posts out of me after all.

First of all, Maxwell's done with his math book!!! WHoo Hooo!  He did a few lessons in one day, he wanted to be done so much.

By the end of this week, Hyrum should be done with his math book as well. Glory be. That will be the true beginning of summer for me.

I've been doing a new chart system for the boys. It's helping everyone's calm

The boys have sure loved the summer weather. They've been on bug hunts. There's an extraordinary amount of caterpillars around. For Christmas, Hyrum got a butterfly world. I ordered the caterpillars for that, but in the mean time, the boys collected their own.

In no time flat they found about 30 and put them in our butterfly world even though they're going to be moths. There's already about 20 cocoons. So excited to see the moths.

We didn't bring our bikes with us to the coast, so now that we are back, my boys are very happy. Daniel has been learning to ride a two wheeler, and if he had a bit more confidence he would have it down, but little by little he's getting more comfortable.

Also, there were two birthdays in our house. Abraham turned one. My baby...probably my last not so much a baby any more.

And guess what!!! HE WALKED for the first time on his BIRTHDAY!!! How cool is that?

And Hyrum turned eight today, although we are having his party tomorrow. He is getting baptized soon, so the missionaries are teaching him the discussions.

Well, I think perhaps we are closer to summer than ever BUT we will do reading throughout the summer and I hope to read some history, so no real true break, but whatever.

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