Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dangerous Density and Other fun Stuff

Last week's science club was a bit crazy. We studied density, so of course we made rainbow density liquids.  You start with honey, then syrup, soap, water, oil, alcohol, and on top is lamp oil (might have missed a liquid or two) and they all nicely float on top of one another because of their different densities.

Well, it was one little girl's first time to my science club. I had not even considered wearing eye protection (which I have for everyone) for this experiment, because I saw no need. After everyone had seen how everything was floating on top of everything else, they asked if they could shake it up "sure." Could they get lids to make that easier "sure."

Wrong judgement call. TWO kids got squirted in the eye! Including the new girl. I ended up squirting them with my sink hose, and things were not pretty. Well, at least they seem fine and their moms don't hate me. The girl even wants to come back, but wants her own eye wear from now on!

Later that week we did this particular experiment again with just my boys because Hyrum opted out during the club, and I wanted him to have a chance. I was also going to get him another helium balloon because he wasn't able to get his voice to change with helium.

Hyrum gets lost in big groups, which is weird because he's an entertainer. I guess when he's not in control, then the noise and chaos get to him. But I'm mainly doing science for my kids, so if Hyrum gets left behind, what's the point?

So we did somethings again for Hyrum (and my other boys don't mind.) This time we used eye wear.

I didn't do science club this week because my boys had thrown up the day before...yah, one of those weeks...

For history we learned about ancient Persia.  Let's just be honest here though: My history has gone down the tube. I was freaking awesome four years ago, and now...if we get to it, we get to it.

For our activity, we made our very own genie in a lamp. What was supposed to be like this:

It most disappointingly turned out to be this:

I'm not sure what went wrong. I thought I got all the right ingredients and stuff.....ugh I hate when I can't get science to be as cool as I want it to be.

This week, however, I have started making my boys memorize the first half of the CLassical Conversations Timeline song. So that counts for something....right?

Now for a quick math update on Maxwell- He doing multiple digit multiplication like a pro.

And Daniel has asked that I skip ahead to where he learns how to tell time because he really wants a watch. He already knows how to skip count by 5s, so that was easy to say yes to.

And I must say I'm quite proud of myself and Daniel. Daniel's writing has been AWFUL. I mean, it's not too bad for a first grader, but anyway.....he couldn't grasp that you need to separate words. We have been diligently working on this, and his writing has gone from this:

Uhhh....what are you trying to say?......

To This:

Of course, I was over his shoulder with this one, but even writing on his own, he remembers the spaces now.

And last but not least, this week my boys went to a few classes at the alternate school. Heather, the principle, taught a mindfulness class. HALLELUYAH! This is exactly what I've known Hyrum has needed in...forever.

He was so funny, he decided he didn't want to take part in the class (no shocker) but look on and see if it was interesting enough to join. Heather said it was like he was auditing her class.

Well he did find the classes interesting, and he internalized some things.  When I ask him to do things now, he disappears. Then he resurfaces a few minutes later and says "I had to go to a quiet place to find my calm." Lol I love that boy.

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