Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sickness and Snails

Wow, I have not been on top of things this year. I'm averaging one post a month, not one a week.  Oops.

Well, for what seemed like forever, at least one person in my family was sick. It took a lot of steam out of school, and science came to a halt.

But we did accomplish things.

We did do history.

We continued to talk about Rome, and we focused on the gladiators, the colosseum, and death by games.

We have this coloring book that turns into a colosseum as our activity, and it is the most morbid colouring book you will find. I forgot to take pictures, but there are animals eating people and gladiators stabbing each other. Here you go children, have fun!

The whole gladiator concept is very disturbing to me. I remember four years ago when we studied this, I had just read "Hunger Games" and was geeking out at the parallels of history and fiction.  Thank goodness for CG or we might have them today, who knows!

We also talked about Constantine, christianity becoming legal, and the Nicene Creed. I read Classical Conversation's take on the Nicene Creed to myself and chuckled at such a drastically different perspective on things. I certainly am grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith and for clarity on what the Godhead is.

We made mosaic crosses for our activity. It was nice to have a talk with my kids about the godhead, and how we differ from other religions, and a talk on the cross and what is means to others, and why it's not all over our churches.

We also learned about Beowulf, Justinian, and Camelot, although we didn't do any activities for these. A good child friendly version of Beowulf was one written by Katz.

We also talked about Paganism in the form of LEPRECHAUNS!!! Yes it's that time of year again, to make traps for leprechauns. Maxwell started his traps days before hand and was very focused on making his trap such a nice place for his leprechaun that he wouldn't want to leave.

Daniel made his all by himself too, and it was pretty cute as well:

Hyrum wasn't interested in making traps that much. He isn't interested in crafts unless I guide him through, and the traps were supposed to be unguided. William also did a trap, but wasn't interested in esthetics either. He just was interested in paint, paint, and more paint.

We did eventually all get over our sicknesses, and we had a clean bill of health to do science last week. We learned about soluable and insoluable. We made "lava lamps" out of oil and water. They look cooler on Pinterest.

And we also had a snail focused week or two. It all started when Maxwell read the book "Sally Snail." It sounds like a book for a kindergartener, but it was really a book that was advanced enough, that I was quite proud that he read it.


It described the significance of snails, and this got Maxwell convinced that he wanted one....or two ...or more. He made a habitat for them, complete with a background that he made himself on photoshop.

And then he made another home for them, and then another. Sad thing is, the only snails for sale around here need a warm aquarium, and none of his homes he made fit the requirements, so we are still a snail-less house.

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