Sunday, August 28, 2016

Modern History Outline for the 2016-17 Year

Okay, so I feel pretty calm about this next school year, probably because it's all old hat now.

NOTE TO SELF: TRUST the notes I give myself on this blog!!!! I said at the end of the modern history year "I need to put the french revolution stuff at the end of ancient history to make room for Modern history." I did NOT do this, and I'm kicking myself now!

I feel like this is the most important year of history in my four year cycle. I can't slack off and I need more time! Well---here it is! (With the french stuff..blah)

Isaac Newton--------------physic experiments
Voltair/Locke--------------game where you can't say certain words without going to "jail"
Marie Antoinette----------make cake and powder faces
French Revolution--------eat french food
Napoleon-------------------three cornered hats
Industrial Rev/Steam engine-homemade steam boat
Trains-----------------------train toys
child labor-----------------watch newsies

Jane Austin----------------silhouettes
Telegraph------------------morse code kit
camera----------------------UV paper
Florence Nightingale----toy doctor kits
Victoria--------------------Decoupage box using victorian pictures
Charles Dickens---------decoupage book with character descriptions in it
Impressionists------------paint with pointillism or divisionism
Alexander Bell-----------cup telephones

Edison---------------------experiments with lightbulbs
Tesla-----------------------plasma ball
Immigrants----------------statue of liberty crowns
Carnegie/Rockefeller---play monopoly
Inventors------------------make inventions out of junk
Write brothers-----------paper plane book I have
Henry Ford--------------Car cookie assembly line
Teddy Roosevelt-------teddy grahams and locks

Russia's revolution-----watch Anastasia 
Charles Lindbergh-----balsa wood planes with rubber band propellers
Amelia Earhart---------blindfold and try to find island to refuel
*movies------------------make a stop animation movie
*prohibition--------------make root beer
*women's vote-------make picket signs


*Gandhi----------------get the salt out of salt water
*Gandhi-------------------make own clothes
*great depression--------hobo signs
*new deal-----------------make dam
*german currency--------act out inflation
*wwii-----------------------gas masks
*hollocaust--------------make star of david monument
*Einstein-----------------dress up like him

*war at home/women working----make star flags for windows
*atomic bomb-------------floating lamps for Japanese
*zionist conference--------make israel flag
*penicillin-------------------make fake antibiotics from sugar and gel capsules
*Vaccines------------------take them with me to Abrahams?
*cold war/Stalin--------------------evacuation backpack/72 hr kit
*iron curtain-----------------Chocolate pilot reenactment 

*Tibet/the great leap forward------------mandala 
*McCarthyism--------a game (hear me out) where I hand out cards and one has a red square. The one who gets it is supposed to hide the fact, and then they talk together trying to guess who got it. I then accuse someone and then I say they don't lose if they admit that they talked to the one who got the red square and then every one actually loses (and after they get the point I let them get the promised prize....)
*cuban missile Crisis/JFK-------play with submarines
*Watergate--------recording fake stories in private that the whole group hears later
*Plastic------------p 40 of How science works
*McDonald's/pop culture-------go to McDonalds
*preservatives-------make a home made happy meal and compare
*integration---------people chain of white and black intermingled
*rosa Parks--------dove of peace with rainbow of fingerprints

*Martin Luther King-------dream cloud "I have a dream" with little clouds with plan of better world
*Vietnam--------------------ty dye shirts
*Space race----------------make space ship toothpicks and marshmallows
*Chernobyl-------------------make 3 eyed fish etc out of clay
*Latin American Immigration--------pinata with latin things inside
*women's movement-------make pendulum of women's struggles
*changes in agriculture/gmo-------make paper garden on wall and change it
*Mandela---------------------different colored paper hands with earth

*berlin wall/end of wall------wall of boxes separating family in house
*Tian'anmen Square--------flower funeral wreath
*gulf war-----------------------burn some oil (outside)
*computers------------------make a computer out of boxes etc
*information age------------info hunt= first going around house to finding info, then just by asking google mama. (time them)
*twin towers------------------send up helium hope balloons
*Afganistan war---------watch Malala's documentary 
*pollution--------------------mini pond pollutant and candle going out without oxygen
*green revolution------------solar toy kit

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