Sunday, June 19, 2011

So much for summer school

We didn't do much this week even though I had the ideas and follow through.  HOWEVER, there are about twenty visiting cousins, and family is more important then school.

Maxwell is a bit behind in his reading.  He's great in everything else, but reading isn't clicking like it should.  I started bribing him to get through his Bob books.  That wasn't working, so we went back to the beginning of 100 Easy Lessons.  That didn't seem effective, so now I just read him simple books while pointing to each word I'm reading. When we are at word I know he can read, I go silent and let him read it.  PATIENCE!

I thought starting him on simple spelling would help him read because he would get so familiar with words he's learned how to spell.  I got three weeks worth of spelling games and put them in a box and once he's printed his words a few times, he can do a game.  The first day of doing this, however, I discovered my flaw: if he's not at ease with reading, he's just arranging letters nicely and not connecting the letters to the actual word.....BLAH....well, lots of experts say don't start spelling until age eight, but I thought I was smarter and now I have a box full of useless fun.....

Well, as for activities this week, we had Hyrum's birthday party.....and that's it.  Hey, the sun was out and cousins were week might be even worse as far as activities go....I do have things planned, and I WILL do them...eventually.

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  1. I hear ya about spelling! I was feeling antsy about getting Marian into the spelling program I have, but I realized very quickly, too, that she needed to read a lot better. The book I have suggested no sooner than 8 years old to begin, so I have been trying to be very patient, working with her reading, and we'll start her spelling program next fall or spring. What spelling program are you using, by the way? There are many good ones out there to choose from!