Sunday, April 17, 2016

Candy Shop Wars

Look at me! I'm posting after just one week!

This week has been as bad as last week in the school department. I didn't even do science. I blamed it on the fact that "real school" is out for spring break, but really, I don't even keep track of things like that. In fact, I sent my kids to Westwind for their weekly classes on Wed, forgetting they were closed! Hyrum came back all bloodied up because he biffed it going down the hill on his scooter, poor guy.

But this week, Maxwell has been learning a lot...about how a Candy Shop works!!! Auntie Bear has opened a real deal amazing Candy Shop!

They opened on Friday, but Maxwell has been biking over there all week long to get ready. He is SO into this, and SO excited about it all. He calls himself their youngest employee and he is all business.

He is constantly coming up with ideas on how to help their shop, and he came to me practically glowing on Thursday before it opened and said "i've been daydreaming about the shop. I can imagine it crowded and I walk through all the people because I know where I'm going and then I turn around and say "I work here, how can I help you." and then the real crazy stuff happens."

This has been coinciding with our family reading. I may only/partially get basics in lately, but I still read to my kids!  And what have we been reading you ask? "CANDY SHOP WARS" obviously! Such a fun book all about a candy shop and magic candy.

We finished it, but thankfully it has a Sequel, and.....get of the main character's name is.....  LINDY!!! Of course, Lindy is actually Belinda, who was the major antagonist of the last book and may or may not be evil this may not be flattering, but it's very fun.

And since I don't have any photos to show school accomplishments, here are some photos to show where all my effort has been going.

You want to buy my house now, don't you? Well good news! You can!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Getting the House Ready

Ugh, I swear I am going to write in this EVERY WEEK from now on.

I am so dang tired though. We have been getting our house ready to sell....yes you heard that right. We are moving. Well, we plan on coming back to Cardston though.

I love Cardston. I love a small town where life is so simple and easy to have good good friends for our whole family. I love the homeschool situation here. i love my friends. I love my family. I love my house. I even love the small town gossip and nastiness because in the end, you have to see these people face to face all the time. Everyone realizes that everyone is human and trying their best, and people get over things, and you begin to love again.

But we....mostly Dustin....feel like it God's plan for us to sell. So we are fixing everything up....which is just making me love my house more.

Hopefully we'll get it up to sell in the next couple of days.

So school has taken a back seat. (Didn't I say that in my last post!?!)

We couldn't do science one week because we redid our floor that day.

The next week we learned about solution strengths, freezing points and boiling points.

We did a new experiment and it WORKED! I was super stoked. So, it's where you take water bottles and put it in ice that is colder than freezing for awhile. The ice crystals haven't formed in the water bottles, but when you disturb the water, it immediately forms.


We also burned a five dollar bill  that was covered in alcohol. But the book was thinking US bills and I had Canadian bills, and although it didn't catch on fire, it DID melt the plastic quite a bit....uuughgh.

That weekend was General Conference. I was so impressed with Maxwell. He took notes to whole weekend long. That was inspired by Auntie Naomi, who has a little fireside with the kids at the end where all the kids tell something they really loved and wanted to share with the group....See why I love Cardston?

Anyway, he drew this in his notebook at well:

Oh and by the way, Easter was the weekend before this. We had a easter egg hunt at Becky's. It was wonderful until we went into her basement but to get there we went down a mudslide.

William wore his "Dragon Coat." He insists on wearing this when ever a coat is needed.

At science this week we learned about Chromatography and Crystals. Chromatography is awesome. Check out these fun photos:

With crystals I actually bought geodes this year. So fun. The kids loved smashing them open.

I love Marcus' face! Hahaha

We also started my famous rock candy again. So many people can't get this to work because they don't have a good recipe, so here's mine to share with the world.

And yah, so that's it. Some science, no history and bare minimum with the essentials. Blah. Now that we are going to start showing the house, science makes the house so dirty so Dustin is wondering if I can do science somewhere else....I'm just tired thinking about that.

Good bye for now, I will see you NEXT WEEK!!!