Friday, August 29, 2014

School's Starting---and I'm Freaking Out (a bit)

School is supposed to start in a few days, and I feel more intimidated about it than I ever have.  This is why:

Freakout Reason #1: Introducing Abraham

Isn't he the cutest little bundle of newborn you ever did see? Isn't it obvious that he's a delight and joy?  But he's also a TIME-SUCKER! Because of my super hero amazing husband, I've had what should have been the least demanding summer of my life; except I had Abraham. I can put him in his swing for 5 seconds before I need to hold him for 5 minutes before I need to nurse him for 15 minutes before I need to rock with him for 5 minutes before the whole cycle starts over. He has no daytime schedule I can give him and he loves SHORT power naps.

This post-this short post-has already taken me a half hour to do because of Abraham breaks.  How am I suppose to accomplish ANYTHING nevermind everything I want to? AAAHHH

Freakout reason #2: Terrible Twos

This is William. Typical William. Add in a super loud and long WHINING soundtrack, and you've got the 24-hour jist of this jem. He has no interest in movies or electronic devices. I was happy about this for the first two years since babies are not supposed to be exposed to all that, but now it would be a bit convenient to have some sort of break.

Freakout reason #3: Tutoring

I have agreed to tutor four kids in the Barton Reading and Spelling System. The tutoring training says that each child needs one-on-one time, and that they need at least two hours a week. So that's eight hours out of my week not focused on my own kids. I really truly love these four kids and really hope I can help them. That's why I'm doing it, but I'm still a little daunted at the idea.

Freakout Reason #4: Frustration

Yep. Hyrum broke his leg. Not only will he NOT be able to go to Westwind Co-op because he can't do gymnastics, he won't be able to do the exercises I want to do everyday either. But more than that, Hyrum (who isn't the most even keeled child anyway) is easily frustrated at the world because of the overall frustration of being a cripple.

So yah, freaking out a bit.

It doesn't help that apparently, the Homeschool Organization told the new homeschool moms that this blog is a great example of how to homeschool. That's just intimidating. I feel like a flibberty jibbet pretending to be awesome. I fool some, but my kids know the truth.  Hallelujah  my husband works at home. It helps my psyche a bit.

Well, here it goes regardless of anything. SCHOOL STARTS ON MONDAY!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

U.S. History and Canadian History Activities Outline

I did it! This year's outline is done! I read all about Canadian history, but I still feel like I don't know anything. It was interesting to hear Canada's view on the revolution and the war of 1812. The activities with  * denotes something Canadian.

It was really neat to make this year's outline and use my own website as my main resource. When there's a link that just says "link" it's not my website, but all the other links are :) Also, this year is the best book from Teri Ebert's Four Year Plan. All the page numbers are from that book, Filling Our Lamps.

week 1
activity 1 Bering Strait and Book of Mormon Native Origins -Teepees from paper bags p81
activity 2 Culture of Ancient Natives -Paper cup totem poles p24
week 2
activity 2 Marco Polo-spyglass link
week 3
activity 1 Columbus-make boats p25
activity 2 Conquistadors -scare crows p84
week 4
*activity 1 Samuel Champlain/ North West Passage- origami boats
activity 2 Lost Colony- candle holders

week 1
activity 1 Jamestown- thatched roof huts
activity 2 Pocahontas -Kachina Dolls/clay pots
week 2
activity 1 Whites' effect on Natives/ Smallpox-make native musical instruments
activity 2 Plymouth Rock-"planting" candy corn in pudding/oreo dirt w/ fishy crackers p32
week 3
activity 1 Dutch West India Company- popcorn balls p34
activity 2 Spread of Slavery/ Tobacco -act out ship and selling of slaves
week 4
activity 1 Pirates -dress up and treasure hunt
activity 2 Witches -halloween activities (pintrest ideas)
week 5
*activity 1 Hurons and Iroquois -play la cross
activity 2 King Philip's War -beaded necklaces

week 1
activity 1 William Penn --taffy pull p34
*activity 2 Filles du Roi -rag dolls p97
week 2
*activity 1 Hudson Bay Company -faux beaver hats
*activity 2 Seven Year War -hoe cakes p94
week 3
activity 1 Williamsburg -cardboard stockades
activity 2 First Great Awakening -game of graces p54
week 4
activity 1 Ben Franklin -kites p85
activity 2 Patrick Henry -fruit pyramid p98

week 1
activity 2 Boston Massacre/ Tea Party- have tea party p37
week 2
activity 1 Paul Revere -make hobby horse p67
activity 2 Declaration of Independence -homemade ink  p39
week 3
activity 1 George Washington- batting wigs p90
activity 2 Revolution/ migration to Canada- yankee doodle kazoos with hobby horse p89

week 1
activity 1 Thomas Jefferson -pomander balls p83
activity 2 Constitution- government mobiles p46
week 2
activity 1 Bill of Rights -jack-wax p99
activity 2 President's Job- hats and US pres. vs Church pres. worksheet p52
week 3
activity 1 Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark -salt dough mountain continental divide p48
activity 2 Tecumseh -dress up like natives
week 4
*activity 1 Guy Carlton aka Lord Dorchester -nine pin bowling p96
activity 2 War of 1812 --make flag w/ candle wicking knots p 97

week 1
activity 1 Monroe Doctrine -american tree craft link
activity 2 Trail of Tears -run around in the snow with rags on our feet p46
week 2
activity 1 Chief Joseph- dreamcatcher  p101
activity 2 Fredrick Douglas -corn husk dolls p109
week 3
activity 1 Eli Wittney -take seeds out of cotton
activity 2 Missouri Compromise/ Nat Turner -rag rug or weaving p51or 58
week 4
activity 1 some part of canada's history -umm yah
*activity 2 Lord Durham --homemade soap p65

week 1
activity 1 Daniel Boon -candles p61
activity 2 Johnny Appleseed -apple stamps and apple juice p102
week 2
activity 1 Tall Tales -yarn dolls p102
activity 2 Davy Crockett -tin can lanterns p62
week 3
activity 1 Alamo/ Mexican American War -quetzal bird link
activity 2 Oregon Trail -giant pretzel log house 
week 4
activity 1 Brigham Young -wagon craft
activity 2 Handcarts/ Donner Reed Party -butter and jam p67 

week 1
activity 1 Cardston Pioneers -pioneer easter eggs p 68
activity 2 Gold Rush -bath tub panning
week 2
activity 1 Compromise of 1850 -pioneer game peashooters and wheel rolling p105
activity 2 Dread Scott Decision -make paper chains 
week 3
activity 1 Underground Railroad to Canada -quilt
activity 2 Uncle Tom's Cabin-junk band p108
week 4
activity 1 Abraham Lincoln -hats and beards
activity 2 Clara Barton -first aid p74
week 5
activity 2 Mark Twain -play marbles p107

week 1
activity 1 Jim Crow Laws -oreo recipe (together is better)
activity 2 W.E.B. Du Bois/ Booker T. Washington -k-5 projects link
week 2
activity 1 George Washington Carver -make peanut butter p111
*activity 2 Dominion of Canada -make canada flag link
week 3
*activity 1 Differences in Government of U.S. and Canada -igloos out of ice or sugar cubes
*activity 2 John A. MacDonald -mountie link
week 4
*activity 1 Canada and Natives -make an inukshuk
*activity 2 Canada's Railroad -candy trains link

Also, I want them to learn these songs (in this order)

The States locator song
The Province locator song (that I think I'll have to make up :P )
The Classical Conversation's Timeline song (from 6:14 to 10:03)
The Star Spangled Banner
Oh Canada
The Pledge Allegiance to the Flag