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U.S. History and Canadian History Activities Outline

I did it! This year's outline is done! I read all about Canadian history, but I still feel like I don't know anything. It was interesting to hear Canada's view on the revolution and the war of 1812. The activities with  * denotes something Canadian.

It was really neat to make this year's outline and use my own website as my main resource. When there's a link that just says "link" it's not my website, but all the other links are :) Also, this year is the best book from Teri Ebert's Four Year Plan. All the page numbers are from that book, Filling Our Lamps.

week 1
activity 1 Bering Strait and Book of Mormon Native Origins -Teepees from paper bags p81
activity 2 Culture of Ancient Natives -Paper cup totem poles p24
week 2
activity 2 Marco Polo-spyglass link
week 3
activity 1 Columbus-make boats p25
activity 2 Conquistadors -scare crows p84
week 4
*activity 1 Samuel Champlain/ North West Passage- origami boats
activity 2 Lost Colony- candle holders

week 1
activity 1 Jamestown- thatched roof huts
activity 2 Pocahontas -Kachina Dolls/clay pots
week 2
activity 1 Whites' effect on Natives/ Smallpox-make native musical instruments
activity 2 Plymouth Rock-"planting" candy corn in pudding/oreo dirt w/ fishy crackers p32
week 3
activity 1 Dutch West India Company- popcorn balls p34
activity 2 Spread of Slavery/ Tobacco -act out ship and selling of slaves
week 4
activity 1 Pirates -dress up and treasure hunt
activity 2 Witches -halloween activities (pintrest ideas)
week 5
*activity 1 Hurons and Iroquois -play la cross
activity 2 King Philip's War -beaded necklaces

week 1
activity 1 William Penn --taffy pull p34
*activity 2 Filles du Roi -rag dolls p97
week 2
*activity 1 Hudson Bay Company -faux beaver hats
*activity 2 Seven Year War -hoe cakes p94
week 3
activity 1 Williamsburg -cardboard stockades
activity 2 First Great Awakening -game of graces p54
week 4
activity 1 Ben Franklin -kites p85
activity 2 Patrick Henry -fruit pyramid p98

week 1
activity 2 Boston Massacre/ Tea Party- have tea party p37
week 2
activity 1 Paul Revere -make hobby horse p67
activity 2 Declaration of Independence -homemade ink  p39
week 3
activity 1 George Washington- batting wigs p90
activity 2 Revolution/ migration to Canada- yankee doodle kazoos with hobby horse p89

week 1
activity 1 Thomas Jefferson -pomander balls p83
activity 2 Constitution- government mobiles p46
week 2
activity 1 Bill of Rights -jack-wax p99
activity 2 President's Job- hats and US pres. vs Church pres. worksheet p52
week 3
activity 1 Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark -salt dough mountain continental divide p48
activity 2 Tecumseh -dress up like natives
week 4
*activity 1 Guy Carlton aka Lord Dorchester -nine pin bowling p96
activity 2 War of 1812 --make flag w/ candle wicking knots p 97

week 1
activity 1 Monroe Doctrine -american tree craft link
activity 2 Trail of Tears -run around in the snow with rags on our feet p46
week 2
activity 1 Chief Joseph- dreamcatcher  p101
activity 2 Fredrick Douglas -corn husk dolls p109
week 3
activity 1 Eli Wittney -take seeds out of cotton
activity 2 Missouri Compromise/ Nat Turner -rag rug or weaving p51or 58
week 4
activity 1 some part of canada's history -umm yah
*activity 2 Lord Durham --homemade soap p65

week 1
activity 1 Daniel Boon -candles p61
activity 2 Johnny Appleseed -apple stamps and apple juice p102
week 2
activity 1 Tall Tales -yarn dolls p102
activity 2 Davy Crockett -tin can lanterns p62
week 3
activity 1 Alamo/ Mexican American War -quetzal bird link
activity 2 Oregon Trail -giant pretzel log house 
week 4
activity 1 Brigham Young -wagon craft
activity 2 Handcarts/ Donner Reed Party -butter and jam p67 

week 1
activity 1 Cardston Pioneers -pioneer easter eggs p 68
activity 2 Gold Rush -bath tub panning
week 2
activity 1 Compromise of 1850 -pioneer game peashooters and wheel rolling p105
activity 2 Dread Scott Decision -make paper chains 
week 3
activity 1 Underground Railroad to Canada -quilt
activity 2 Uncle Tom's Cabin-junk band p108
week 4
activity 1 Abraham Lincoln -hats and beards
activity 2 Clara Barton -first aid p74
week 5
activity 2 Mark Twain -play marbles p107

week 1
activity 1 Jim Crow Laws -oreo recipe (together is better)
activity 2 W.E.B. Du Bois/ Booker T. Washington -k-5 projects link
week 2
activity 1 George Washington Carver -make peanut butter p111
*activity 2 Dominion of Canada -make canada flag link
week 3
*activity 1 Differences in Government of U.S. and Canada -igloos out of ice or sugar cubes
*activity 2 John A. MacDonald -mountie link
week 4
*activity 1 Canada and Natives -make an inukshuk
*activity 2 Canada's Railroad -candy trains link

Also, I want them to learn these songs (in this order)

The States locator song
The Province locator song (that I think I'll have to make up :P )
The Classical Conversation's Timeline song (from 6:14 to 10:03)
The Star Spangled Banner
Oh Canada
The Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

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