Saturday, November 12, 2011

Arabian Nights

Before we learned about Persia and Arabia, we learned about the second Babylon and learned about Daniel and Nebakanezer. Most history books just clump the new Babylon with the old, but I decided to study Mesopotamia-Egypt-Israel-Babylon-Persia because that's the order of the Old Testament, and it makes the most sense to me.

We made our own Ishtar Gate to study Babylon.  All that was missing was the hanging gardens!

Has anyone out there actually read the Arabian Night stories?  One word....WACKED!!!  Especially Ali Babba and Sinbad, but even though they're warped, I must admit I still find them intriguing.  I find it amazing that woman, even slave woman, were often the heros.  However, I can totally see why Esther was so scared for her life if she was brought up hearing stories like these!

We wore tubans (I actually watched a youtube video on how to tie a turban,) made pita bread that actually puffed up like it should, and made genie lamps out of tin foil, but instead of oil in the lamps we just put a candle.  Maxwell loves the Arabian Night stories....humm time to return them to the library.

For science we learned about atoms again.  I think I'll start with atoms next time I teach chemistry because that makes more sense to me.  We made a marble atom model and a gumdrop atom model, and made an atom model where the nucleus was a brick and we made a chalk line 15 ft from the centre to show how atoms are mostly space.  I think some of it sunk in.  Using candy helps.

This week we went to the monthly poem recitation that my incredible friend Eve does.  Maxwell loves to perform.

My niece, Briana, has really inspired the household to make books.  There have been many books made this week.  Briana made one for Hyrum that he has me read him every night called "Super Hyrum."

I found that the "bed" way of learning "b" and "d" wasn't being that effective at this point in the game, and I went back to this theory that my friend Nicholeen taught me.  The truck either runs into the Back of the Bear or the Dog's nose.  This has seemed to work better for Maxwell.

And even though we had our track and field day a month or so ago, I thought I would include this video that my amazing sister-in-law made of the event.

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