Sunday, December 11, 2011

Carbon Dioxide and China cont.

For science we learned about Carbon Dioxide.  There were a few experiments I had wanted to do that included lime water which indicates carbon dioxide, but I made the lime water wrong I think, so I had to skip all of them.  That was okay, because the experiment that did work was really fun.

We combined baking soda and vinegar to make carbon dioxide (baking soda and vinegar is always a hit.) and poured the carbon dioxide gas over a candle to extinguish it. They loved this.

We talked about how yeast makes carbon dioxide and bacteria in cheese makes carbon dioxide and how dry ice is carbon dioxide and creates carbonation in soda, and had a bread, swiss cheese, and root beer snack to drill this in.

We continued to learn about China by doing LOTS of origami.  Maxwell has without doubt inherited my love for creating things out of paper.  He can make some things on his own and has been pouring over our origami book all week.

We also ate noodles with chopsticks in honour of China.  I had tons more China activities that I was wanting to do, but I'm leaving for our christmas trip tomorrow or the next day, and I just got too bogged down, (much to Maxwell's dismay.)

For preschool we learned that the "g" says gggguh like someone who is trying to lift heavy weights.

And for field trip daddy took the boys snowmobiling.  What a good daddy :)

And that's it until the new year.  I hope to do a bit of reading lessons on our trip, and I'm sure we'll have educational field trips, but other then that, I really hope this will be a trip of RELAXATION!

Bye for now :)

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