Monday, May 21, 2012

Da Vinci and a dinosaur field trip

This week I was kind of sick on monday, so science was really low key.  We tasted acids (sour) and bases (bitter), and learned about ions....Enoch is eating a lemon if you can't tell...

For history, we learned about Leonardo Da Vinci.  My hero.  Sort of.  We read a really cute book called "Katie and the Mona Lisa" that introduces kids to a few renaissance art pieces.  It even made Botticelli's "Primavera" modest, which as a mom I can appreciate.  I wish the books I found talked more about Da Vinci's inventions and scientific side.

We made lots of different kinds of paper airplanes to celebrate Da Vinci, and we also played with a remote control submarine, and Da Vinci is credited as the inventor of the submarine.

I WAS going to teach my kids about Henry the viii, but as I studied him again I thought "a man who divorced, killed, annulled, cheated on, and hated his wives and made a religion out of it...humm....."  Divorce and murder on not on the top of the "must teach" list right now, and heavens, my kids don't need to learn the word "annulled" at this point in their lives! Yes, in four years I might teach this important historical figure, but not right now.

And for field trip we went to this amazing dinosaur extravaganza put on by the homeschool organization. Have you noticed that I've given up on field trips in general?  Last year I went on one once a week.  I could always find some place to go or something to do. Ya, well now I live in Alberta.....enough said.

ANYWAY, we were taught by a real palaeontologist, and he showed us a T-Rex tooth found right where he was teaching us!  He also showed us imprints of mammoths that were found right here, and a copy of a sabre tooth tiger's skull.

They also had fun activities like excavating your own toy dinosaur buried in plaster....

And creating your own dinosaur out of chicken bones.

I'm so glad I went.  Especially since I was so close to not going due to weather, but it turned out wonderful in the end.

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  1. What an awesome museum!! And thank you for mentioning the history series to me!! :)