Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back to Normal

We are back in Canada.  Our Idaho house is officially SOLD.  Whew!

While were still in Idaho we learned about Jane Austen.  We read a Usborne version of Pride and Prejudice.  Maxwell was not interested.  He was making duct tape wallets while listening.  Is it some genetic thing that boys don't like Jane Austen?  I LOVE Austen books. Oh well.  We made silhouettes as a memento.

Then we got back to Canada, and I was sick so not much to post.  We went to our co-op here.  Maxwell goes to a cooking class, a math class and my theatre class.  The other boys just go to a preschoolish class.  Maxwell made an apple crumble at the cooking class.

We also learned about Samuel Morse.  A great graphic novel about him is "Samuel Morse and the Telegraph" by Seidman.  I bought a Morse code kit, but it was just a glorified buzzer.  Next time around I think I'll get some walky talkies that buzz and see if my boys can send messages with Morse code.  I'ld like them to memorize it someday (my husband grew up on a boat, so we think it's still useful.)  ...---...

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  1. Your husband grew up on a boat? How cool is that! How did you two meet, by the way? And I'm sad that you're back in Canada...I love Idaho! But yay for your house selling!!!