Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Digestive System, the Cold War, and Easter

For science we learned about the digestive system.  We actually measured how long an actual digestive system is in an adult by taking a hose and marking it with tape. (Mouth 3 in, esophagus 10 in etc)  It really brought it home for the boys.

We did a few more experiments. One included some panty hose and a ball to show how the smooth muscles make food move through your digestive system.

For history, we are beginning to learn about the Cold War.  We talked about how they prepared for the worst, and so we looked through our own preparedness things ei 72 hour kits.  They are two years old, and so they really needed to have food cycled.  I let them at the fruit roll ups and stale granola bars.  Maxwell said this was his favourite activity ever because of the food.

Also, it was our ward's cub car rally.  FUN!  Dustin helped the boys make their cars, and I helped with the McQueen decorations, but the boys painted them themselves   I thought our ward did an excellent job of making everyone involved and feel good about their car.  Daniel is sure he won the whole race because HE got an award.

And it was Easter.  Last year we did a passover since we were learning about the old testament and I thought the next time I would do the passover was four years from then, but my sister in laws insisted I make it an anual event, which made me feel good.

There were 58 people in my house for the Passover!  And miraculously it was a success. Some even dressed up.

We had a very fun easter weekend.  One highlight was riding my sister in law's new PONIES!!!  Crazy fun!!!  I love living the pastoral rural life vicariously through my sister in laws.

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