Monday, May 20, 2013

Women's Rights, Nelson Mandela, and the coolest bird field trip ever!

This week we learned about the feminist movement.  I read a really interesting article that went along with this.  It was one of those times when I kept thinking "ha ha, they don't have to listen to anyone else's agenda except for mine!"

We had a devotional about the Family proclamation to the world as part of learning about this.

I truly believe that there is a balance in women's rights, and the world has swung to one extreme. The boys didn't find it that fascinating, but I made a poster with a pendulum to represent this:

On one extreme side, the women is a slave to her husband and children, the boss doesn't give her money for all her hard work.

On the other extreme, the husband is the slave (I explained that this doesn't happen much, but some women might think that this is what should happen and get upset when it doesn't) The children are farmed out to daycare, and are not brought up by their own parents. Parents who both work are too exhausted to do all the housework and give proper attention to their kids. Women get the money while the men work (I explained that this doesn't happen, but that sometimes women get the job over the men just because they are women in an attempt to make sure they are not chauvinistic)

And then there's the happy medium.  If women work, then they get treated equally and get the fair amount of money. Men help with chores, women support their husband's jobs, but neither is a slave to the other. Fathers help raise the kids/take the burden of craziness at times, and mothers who choose to raise kids actually RAISE THEIR KIDS!

Not the brand of feminism you get in society.....I love homeschool.

On to Nelson Mandela. We learned about his life.  A good picture book about this is "Long Walk to Freedom" abridged by Wyk.  It's Mandela's own words.  We have already hashed out anti-segrigation, so the topic was nothing new, but it was still good to hear how problems are world wide, and not just in north america.

We made people chains of white and brown and combined them. I should have done something with rainbows instead.  I had forgotten that Mandela called South Africa the Rainbow nation.  Too late for creativity I guess.

And last but now least, we went on the coolest Field trip ever with the homeschool organization.  We went to Birds of Prey in Coaldale.  It was awesome.  We got to feed the ducks:

PET A BALD EAGLE!!! (yes, you read that right!)

And HOLD owls (too cool!)

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