Sunday, September 15, 2013

September: Homeschool's best kept secret

September. It's still summer weather. The world is at school and at work. The beaches and parks are empty. And Homeschoolers? They are not at home. Here's a little secret: Those beaches and parks aren't completely empty. Someone is still enjoying the summer. Those someones are homeschoolers.

Let me brag about my week:


We went to the creek with three other homeschool families and built a bonfire and had hot dogs and s'mores while the kids splashed in the creek.


Well, okay, so maybe we didn't go outside too much that day.


We went to the lake's beach that we had all to ourselves. It was warm and sunny, and we stayed up late singing songs around the campfire and finding star constellations.


We went back to the beach because we didn't get enough the day before. We also went geo cashing when we got home and had a sleepover.


We had homeschool field day. There were all sorts of tack events and every kid got tons of ribbons. There were echoes of "good job" heard all around, and my boys loved it. We also went to a county fair and ate lots of junk food.

Okay, so could a public schooler have done the above list last week?  Well, perhaps some of it, but really, with bus schedules, homework, school night bed times, and new transitions, I doubt it.

September is God's gift to homeschoolers, and I'm grateful.

We DID do school too. We got in our three "R"s.

And there's a reason we didn't get outside very much on Tuesday. My homeschool administrators came over and then we had science club where we learned about galaxies and redshift. We drew "stars" on a balloon and blew it up as one of our experiments to show the universe expanding:

We aslo learned about black holes, and tried to show how gravity suckers draw all marbles (I mean planets) to it. 

On other days we continued to learn about maps and we drew globes on oranges and peeled it so we could lay it flat and talked about how warped our world maps are.

But really, it was a glorious week full of sun and sky.

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  1. Love this! September and spring are just the most beautiful blessings for home schoolers. Love your orange/map experiment too!