Sunday, May 18, 2014

Two weeks down, Two weeks to go

A week ago when we had science where we learned about the atmosphere and air. One of the experiments that we did was to show that air has weight. The balloon with air outweighs the balloon with no air.

This week we learned about air pressure. We did lots of experiments that showed how air kept cardboard on full glasses of water and how air pressure can suck up water. Changes in air pressure crushed our milk carton, and here it blew up (sort of) a balloon.

We also made our own fake barometer. (Real barometers take too long to get results from.) With ours, when you pushed down on the balloon top of the big jar, the little jar's balloon would go in too, and if you pulled the big one's up, the other one would go up too.

Notice how all the experiments I took photos of used BALLOONS? Ya, I kinda thought I would prove my point that I made in my last post about how useful balloons are when doing science.

Anyway, only two more weeks of science, and last science class we only had one boy missing, so I thought I would take a photo of them all.  They sure get along really well, and I think they have liked coming to science as much as I have enjoyed putting it on.

For geography we learned about Africa----ummm----only two countries in Africa. But hey, we've already learned about Zimbabwe, so really THREE countries----yah, pathetic I know, but I'm big and pregnant and that's enough of an excuse for me.

We learned about Mozambique (our World Vision child is from Mozambique if you were wondering why I chose to study such a random country.)  We played mancala as our activity. I really like mancala. I had never played it before. It's simple enough for Daniel to play, and if you lose any pieces, it doesn't matter because you can use something else for pieces (like lego....which we have in plentiful supply.)

We also learned about both Congos. I chose the Congos, because that's where their cousin is on his mission. We wrote him (and all the other cousins who are on missions) as our activity. Daniel's picture was especially cute. It was of Jesus on the cross with two guards and Mary:

Well, that's it. Two weeks, and that's it. We have also had our home visit from the homeschool organization and I've had some mom meetings, but yep, that's it.

Two more weeks. In fact, I might get done sooner. I told Maxwell that as soon as he was done with his math book, all we would do for school during the summer is reading. He is now pretty motivated to get done with his math book ASAP. Two weeks of lessons might be done sooner, and Hyrum's school could certainly be condensed, and Daniel is pretty much done with his Handwriting Without Tears, which was my goal for him. Whoo Hoo!

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