Sunday, September 14, 2014

Politics-----ugh----and Native Americans

Remember this post? and this photo?

Yep, Things are out of control again here in our tiny town.

A few years ago, an employee of Dustin's said "I'm so glad I wasn't homeschooled because I wouldn't have learned how to deal with bullies." Dustin just laughed at him and said "Yah, but who bullies as an adult?"

Well, we've learned who bullies as an adult. We've apologized to that former employee and told him he was right.

Last year when politics blew up, I got severely depressed. I knew I needed medical help it was that bad. But right when I was about to go to the doctor, I found out I was pregnant. This kicked my psyche in the behind.

I was not cured. Not by a long shot, but I was much better than I had been. I knew that I needed to pull it together for someone other than me.

This time I've hardly been depressed at all. I can't sleep, but whatever. This time I have just lost so much respect for some people that they can't hurt me like they once did. I'm sad, not hurt.

I'm sad, and quite a bit furious. I want to shout from the roof tops all the hypocrisy, lies, bullying, and power grabbing, but Dustin coaxes me back down to the ground and helps me realize how it will solve nothing. Eeeerrrrrr I wish he wasn't right. It would be so fulfilling.

Because of politics, I've had a one track mind, and school has suffered.

We did get almost all the reading writing and arithmetic in. William is liking it that school is back in session:

No science. No devotionals. No Robotics.

But we did do a bit of history. We learned a bit about the early native americans. We made totem poles and tepees. My sister-in-law has moved into our basement, and is joining us for history, and it makes it twice as fun.

Maxwell made the biggest tepee, check it out:

So---NEXT week I'll be in full swing------I hope.

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