Sunday, October 4, 2015

Egypt and Strep Throat

Well, this week didn't go exactly as planned because, well, I lost my strep throat. Blah.

BUT we did do our Egypt activities. We didn't get as much teaching in there as I would like. I could hardly croak out a word, but we still had fun.

Check out our mummies:

Even the Dads got in on the action:

And we also made our own Papyrus. I tried to teach a bit about Abraham with this activity. We were rushed, so they ended up watching the Living Scriptures about him. Whatever. And we ran out of celery.

You peel celery and place it one way and then the other. You can weave it or just place it on top. Then you put some cloth on it and gently hit it with a mallet enough for the juices to start coming out. Then you put newspaper under and over it, and press it with books. Replace dry newspaper for the wet ones every few hours.

The drying takes forever, but it really gives you a sense of how papyrus is made. Maxwell was SO proud of his weaved one. (bottom left)

Update on the busy bags: My boys love them, but one day I had salt EVERYWHERE and another there were stickers everywhere. I guess I can't totally let them go AWOL.

Towards the end of the week I started to feel better, and so we hosted our fourth annual CIDER party!! Yum yum. Although our trees didn't produce half as much apples as last year.

And of course it was General Conference. Time to get out the Newsprint and drawing supplies!

OH, and we started using a website called I really needed something fun and engaging for Hyrum for reading. Our reading together has become so laborious and frustrating. We are still plugging along, but this is his incentive to care.

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