Sunday, December 20, 2015

Art, China, and Lego Angels

I tried to catch up a bit in history by actually doing it this week! But I have to say, this Monday was the pits! Dustin was incredibly sick, I was super-duper busy, and I was super-duper grumpy and I even made a meme for how horrible it was:

Well we did do some fun stuff. I wonder if my kids will remember their crazy mom, or if they will remember just the fun of lighting floating lanterns and going to the live nativity?

We did floating lanterns in honour of ancient China. And this little movie is a good example of my day: magical stuff and crying:

We also made paper. it was so beautiful. I love paper with pedals!

For science we learned about Carbon Dioxide. Only the Barrys came and not all of the experiments worked, but it was low key and chill----and I needed that. We talked about how foods have carbon dioxide in it, including root beer...we drank it all!

We also went to the boy's art show. It was quite cute. Their teacher, Mr. Scott's wife is my friend and just had brain surgery, so I wasn't sure if they would even have the show, but he pulled it off amazingly.

And we found an extra Christmas tree that the McKays left here, and my boys decorated it with lego ornaments that they made. This is an angel. Love it.

And even with all that, I went to FOUR parties. Tuesday and Wednesday my sister-in-laws had little get togethers (which Dustin pushed me out of the house to go to so I would get out of my grumpiness) and then Friday my friend Rachel had a party and then Saturday my neighbor had one for my whole family...but Dustin didn't go to one! as soon as he was feeling tolerably better from his strep throat nastiness, he threw his back out moving furniture for a service activity. Poor guy.

Merry Christmas!


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