Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year! and Back Home Again.

Yah, so when I travel I guess I'm not as good at doing this every week. But I'm sure you survived without my posts.

I realised we didn't post about Valentine's day, and then realized I've been lazy about writing. This Valentine's day we didn't have anyone to send love letters to, but we DID make sugar cookies. Well, or sugar cakes. It was a bit of a sugar/fat overload. Doubt if we will do this again.

But most importantly, DUSTIN CAME HOME! Behold my African Prince:

He was dressed like that when I picked him up at the airport. I died laughing. He says this is conservative for Benin. Thankfully the tailor made the sleeves a little snug, or he would be wearing it every day, I'm sure.

My boys were pretty excited that Dustin gave them rocks. They had asked for some because they are really into rocks because of the Curiosity Museum. They have this Trading Post where you give them rocks, and they give you points that you can buy different rocks and things with.

My mom (who was AWESOME with my kids) fed their rock passion by taking them to a store where they sold rocks of all sorts. They all got some really cool rocks that started a rock collection Bonanza!

This is not the whole collection, this was just the beginning. 

Also, when we got back I thought "I'm done with extra curricular. Only science and robotics for me." But then of course I saw the Alternate school offering classes about rocks.....I caved.

So for history we have actually done some things.

We learned about Alexander the great and made lighthouses as our activity. Of course when we were studying him, we realized that the Pharos lighthouse was actually built after Alexander died. Uhh perhaps next time around we will do an activity about a black horse. That would be more fitting.

We studied Romans. I feel like my kids know quite a bit about Romans because of Story of the World. We learned specifically about Pompeii that day (well Romulus and Remus, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra were taught as well.) But MAN there was some crazy stuff in Pompeii. Editing was necessary.

Anyway, we made our own Mt Vesuvius as our activity. Pretty lame, should have at least used food colouring.

And WHO is the most important figure in all of history? Jesus of course, but we need to celebrate the prophet who paved the way for him: John the baptist. And to celebrate John the Baptist, we ate "locust."


Those were the best tasting locust EVER.

And then (once we were home) we did an activity celebrating JESUS. We made a cup into a cloud and had Jesus ascend into the cloud. I liked it better then our sheep activity we did four years ago. 

We have also been learning the Classical Conversations timeline song, and I LOVE the part where it slows down and sings "JESUS THE MESSIAH!!" and pauses. It's like it's pointing out that this is the best part of the timeline of the world. It gives me chills.

We actually did science this week since we came home. We learned about metal and metallic qualities like conducting electricity.

We checked to see if other things were conductors of electricity as well...

I actually did not support this.....he did this on his own.

This science topic and experiments were not hugely amazing. Maxwell said it was the most boring class ever. That kid is SPOILED!!

As far as school subject staples, it has been working to teach one child a day, however, I've gotten a little lazy because I know that I don't have to freak out about staying on schedule in order to get things done, and then things happen, and then I say "oh I'll just teach you Barton tomorrow," and that is just not fun to have to teach two kids again.

I've been so impressed with my boy's math lately. Maxwell is doing questions like 2k-3=5 and he's also been doing 2537 divided by 3. 

Hyrum has been doing awesome. Look at this worksheet he just did.

And Daniel has continued to love the Piano. He's actually very intense about it. It's like it's stressful and hard but he is DETERMINED. He started making up his own compositions.  Check it out:

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