Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lungs, Muscles, and fish guts

You may have noticed that I haven't posted any science photos lately. Umm that's because we haven't done much lately.

Before Christmas we actually had a club where we learned about lungs. Complete with a model.

And this week I've committed myself to a science club every week I am home from now on! (That is-until we go to Vanuatu in a month and a half.) We started out this commitment with a club about muscles. I made a pretty cool model, but it got broken in the first demonstration. Oops. but we had fun with other things and I know learning was happening.

I knew I wanted a tendon model, and I showed Maxwell the youtube, and while I was teaching math to his brothers, Maxwell made three models! So fun that I can count on him. He made them so well that they could grab things nicely.

We even had an activity where they practiced fine motor skills with muscles that weren't used to it.

And this Saturday we went and fed the seals fish guts at Fisherman's Wharf and went to Chinatown.

As far as math goes, Maxwell is now able to get the areas of almost any shape. including ones with curves!

But I must say, Rightstart is not perfect (at least in the first edition) These are the things they need to focus more on:

*Order of Operations
*Converting fractions into percents and decimals
*Balancing Equations
*The Distributive Property
*short cuts of multiplication and division with multiples of 10
*multiplying and dividing decimals.

These seem so important! how did they do such a bad job of covering them? but I guess these topics will come in Jr high math ?!? Sometimes they go over it lightly or just expect you to know it. We revert to the youtube channel "Mathantics" when that happens.

Hyrum is now able to understand written numbers in the millions.

and Daniel is working on fractions inside equilateral triangles that he makes himself.

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