Sunday, October 29, 2017

Back "Home?" with wind and Westwind

We said goodbye to Vanuatu. Matilda and I cried a for a few days whenever we talked about it. We will miss the people the most, and the tropical beach paradise second.

When we got home, it was so windy, I thought we might not land, and then I wasn't sure if our van would make it! Welcome home! The next few days were like that. Wind enough for a cyclone.

But you know what? I love it here! Everyone keeps asking me WHY I would come back right before winter, but I don't care. I love being here when Westwind is in full force, even if that means the WIND is too.

On Monday they went to Robotics with the Blackmores. The boys were in HEAVEN. That is their favourite class EVER. On Tuesday they went to Westwind and did "Canada 150" and gymnastics and umm some other class. On Wednesday they went to art. On Friday we had the Westwind Halloween party, which was really a "dress up as a storybook character" party.

I made Hyrum's Creeper costume, and See that Stormtrooper Walker? That's Maxwell inside, and he made that costume 100% by himself, and I think he's just about the coolest, most amazing kid EVER! Don't you think?

I think I'll leave the other kids costumes until next week.

Also, I've arranged science to be twice a week (to make up for lost time) and we are going to have swimming lessons at the hotel.

As my kids were at gymnastics, I went and did errands in town. EVERYWHERE I went I saw acquaintances, friends, and good friends whom I hugged and talked with and laughed with. I thought to myself "Cardston does not disappoint. THIS is why this is home."

However I'm not IN town yet. I'm at Naomi's house which is in the muddy windy county and a vacation rental while she is in Edmonton. We helped pay for her to visit me in Vanuatu, and now she's letting us stay here. I say it's a win win for ME!

It was incredibly nice to come in at 2 am to a clean comfy home that we KNEW and that we felt comfortable in! THANK YOU NAOMI! (but she never reads my blog lol!)

 BUT we WILL be living in town soon! We have an accepted offer on a house!!! It's way more than I wanted to pay, but I'm excited. My mother-in-law is thinking she might even be well enough to help me decorate!!! If you don't know, to have my mother-in-law decorate is akin to having HGTV's very best come in and decorate. She's a miracle.

We did do some basic school. I was a bit lazy and scattered. I only did William once this week. He FINALLY has REAL handwriting without tears supplies!!! I was super excited.

But alas, the internet has been HORRIBLE! Perhaps even worse than Vanuatu! Maybe it was the wind. Maybe it's because they moved that router. I don't know, but I'm going CRAZY! I was so looking forward to having real internet which would equal real school. Maxwell is dependent on it for his school, so he's just at a stand still.

I did do math with Daniel and Hyrum, and this is the cutest thing EVER! I asked Hyrum to SHADE a third of this rectangle. He SHAVED a third of this rectangle by turning it into a sheep! Oh I love it!

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