Sunday, July 10, 2011

Filling Our Lamps

The Ebert's Four Year Plan book for this past year is called "Filling Our Lamps" referring to how like the ten virgins, we must drop by drop fill our lamps so we will be ready for what ever comes our way.  In their book, they include some "drops of faith" that homeschoolers need to instil in their children, and I thought it was so excellent, I had to share it.

Heavenly Father loves you.
He likes you. He believes you are beautiful and smart and good.
He wants you to learn.  He will help you learn.

You can do anything.
You have been given special gifts that you can develop, enjoy, and use to help others.
You can choose any area that interests you to explore and learn about.  You can become an expert in anything if you are willing to work hard.
Both boys and girls can be good in math- and science and English and computers and cooking and childcare and sports and so on.

You are a genius.
If you are struggling in an area, it is because a lot of your "smarts" went into making another area REALLY strong.  The more you struggle, the more of a genius you must be.
God gave you weaknesses so that you can turn them into strengths.

I am in this with you.
I will do everything I can to help and support you, whatever it takes.
I know some things, and sometimes I am even smart.  I can be good at math if I want to be.
I do not know everything.  I make mistakes.  However, I can still learn, and I am willing to learn this with you.
I do not have to do this, but I will because I love you.  We are a team.
I cannot learn it for you.

Our family loves to learn.
We each have different strengths.  We help each other by sharing our strengths.
Life is not fair, which means equal.  We are happy for each other's achievements.
Our family is smart.  We can do anything, together.
Our family believes in striving for excellence.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!! :) :) It's nice to read something that is a good reminder of where our ability to learn and discover our talents come from: Heavenly Father (with the guidance of Mom and Dad). :)