Sunday, July 3, 2011

Homeschool Moms

I don't think homeschooling is for everyone.  I think it's great when moms have seriously looked into homeschool as an option and choose something different because they know what their family needs.

However, it's frustrating to me that the majority....I'm going to guess 99%....of moms out there do not even see homeschooling as a viable option.  They never even consider it.

It's frustrating to me because at one time I thought it wasn't a viable option, and now I see it as one of the best things in my life.  If it can be as great for other families out there as it is for ours, I wish that they could open their minds to accept it as a possibility.

It isn't easy homeschooling though.  You have to really believe in it.  I figured that out before my oldest was born.  I would tutor a little group of homeschoolers, and do you know what that mom was doing with her time off?  CLEANING.  "Man" I thought, "If I wasn't here she would have to teach AND clean...this homeschooling thing is not for wimps."

I've decided that there are three qualities that every homeschool mom needs to have or to strive to have to survive the homeschooling experience. (and most homeschool moms I know have or try to have these qualities)

1.   You must have a love of learning.  If you don't like to open up a science book and get excited about possible experiments to do with your family, or if you don't like to read or if finding out history facts you've never know before doesn't make you excited to share with those around you, I can imagine that trying to be in charge of the education of your children would be very difficult.

2.   You must be confidently social.  I firmly believe that with homeschool families the kids end up with the same social graces as their parents.  Even if you don't stick your kids into a million extra curricular activities, they'll still learn social skills when you invite a couple over for dinner.  Your guests don't even need to have kids.  Your kids will learn from the way you interact with others.  So you need to feel good about how you are socially since that's how your kids will end up.

3.   You must not be a wimp.  This is the hardest one for me.  By "not be a wimp" I mean you can't do everything for your kids or be willy-nilly about discipline and nurturing.  It would be so easy to clean the house while sticking them in front of a movie and show show show school but never require, but that would never work in the long run.

That's my opinion about mom requirements anyways.

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  1. I love your post! :) :) And I agree with EVERYTHING you said. I especially like what you said about learning social graces from their parents, initially. And I'd like to add also, that children who have parents who don't like to socialize will find homeschooling very secluded and lonely -- for their children. Kids do need to be around other children. It doesn't matter what their ages are. It just matters that they see other kids once in awhile since, more than likely, their neighborhood friends are public-schooled and at the public school all day long, every day -- and then they come home and can't play because they have homework or chores or whatever. You have to be willing to provide social activities for your children or you're going to HATE homeschooling. Just my opinion. :)

    Oh!! I'm not excluding the sibling factor! Having brothers and sisters certainly help with the socializing, but getting outside of your own immediate family is healthy and important, too. :)