Monday, October 17, 2011

Mummas...I mean Mummies...

This week we didn't do science since it was Canadian Thanksgiving.  I guess we learned about the science of cooking....hey, it IS chemistry to bake something!

We did indeed do history.  MUMMIES!  I had taught Maxwell quite a bit, and then the twins and Maria came over and Maxwell was excitedly sharing what he knew, and they asked things like "were they all girls?" and Maxwell would say things like "No, lots of them were boys and dads."  I was confused for awhile until Hyrum kept talking about the Mommys.....oh, ya, oops.

Books that I loved were: one I already have "Mummies made in Egypt" by Aliki, and one I found "Hallmarks of History: Pyramids"

Our activity was of course to wrap ourselves up as mummies.

(facepainting is a regular hobby around here)

And we made canopic jars.  We filled them with noodles that I was going to pretend were brains until I got reminded that brains were thrown away, so I guess they were intestines.

And we even did an experiment with mummifying oranges.  One was left alone, one was just wrapped in a paper towel, and the other one was place in between two coffee filters filled with baking soda which should work just like natron.

The next day we talked about pyramids.  We built a pyramid from sandpaper that we glued hieroglyphics in.  Then they wrapped up toy people and animals and put their mummies in their pyramids.

For field trip....well, I kind of skunked out.  My sister-in-law took my kids and they raked leaves and put them all onto the tramp and had a jumping-in-leaves-hootananny that I don't think they'll forget.

and we have been memorizing scriptures...this is sooo cute...well maybe only I think it's cute because it's crazy just like it always is.

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