Monday, October 31, 2011

Ancient Israel and Halloween

This week we didn't have science because I had a minor surgery.  I have to say that science is the hardest thing to teach because of all the preparation that has to go into the experiments (and finding the random things needed for experiments!) but it is the most meaningful thing for Maxwell, so I will continue to prepare and be diligent in the future.

We learned about ancient Israel this week.  Of course, my kids already know quite a bit about ancient Israel because of the Bible.  In fact, when I first mentioned Ancient Egypt, my kids said "oh ya, we know about Moses!"

Well they got to study Moses again anyway.  We made a Red Sea for Moses to part, and a whole bunch of Israelites to cross it. My Sister's family is staying here for a few weeks, and my nieces made this activity elaborate and fun.

We also pretended to be Israelites that surrounded the "wall" of Jericho and blew their trumpets to have the wall come tumbling down.  I had no idea when I bought these one dollar trumpets how LOUD they would be.  I thought our cup wall would literally fall down from the sound vibrations!

And Maxwell has another scripture memorized....

Of course, since it was Halloween season, we also made masks and carved pumpkins.  Hyrum LOVED his "happy pumpkin."  He wanted to sleep with it that night....I sure love him.

And even though today is part of next week, I'll just admit now that no learning besides Halloween fun was had today,  but they sure had FUN!

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