Saturday, November 5, 2011

Israel and Atoms

We continued learning about ancient Israel with King David.  We made sling shots of course.  These were a hit, especially since the 5 smooth stones were marshmallows! They were made from wire hangers, rubber bands, and leather from a purse I bought at our second had store. They worked really well.

That was it for history...yah, I'm a slacker, but when you have guests....well, slacking is allowed.

Science was good, I think.  We talked about atoms.  We talked about how they are too small to see, so we poked objects in play dough and tried to guess what was inside, and talked about how this was kind of like how scientists find out about atoms.

We also talked what makes up an atom and we reviewed + and - charges.  We had balloons pick up pieces of confetti and had balloons repel each other.  Kids always love it when you bring out balloons!

Maxwell is doing really well with his reading program.  It is going at a pace that he's really comfortable with.  He is starting to make headways, and it's exciting to watch.

This week, we are studying the "b" and "d" words, and my sister has this great way of reminding kids which is which.  I made a poster for Maxwell to remember her concept (Maxwell helped me colour the bed on the computer):

Do you get it?  if you put your hands in fists with your thumbs up, then you make a bed, and so your left hand is a "b" and your right had is a "d" so you just have to look at your fists to remember which is a "b" or "d."  It seems to be working so far.

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