Sunday, November 25, 2012

Queen Victoria and Finally Starting Science

This week was one of those weeks when I kept finding myself wishing there were more hours in the day. BUSY.

I finally started our science club this week.  I've actually missed it.  It does take the most work (preparation wise) but it's worth it.  This year's group has all new boys in it because my old group all moved!  I think it will be good. They are closer in age to Maxwell then the group before.

We are doing biology this year, and we have a lot to cover in a short amount of time because we started so late.  This week we learned about cells.  We got the microscope out and looked at real cells.  We made a couple of cell models.  One out of a plate and cracker (the nucleus) and another out of jello where a grape was the nucleus.

We studied Queen Victoria this week. BTW "The Young Victoria" is one of my absolute favourite movies---a must watch.  We made decoupage boxes made with pictures from the Victorian era as our activity.

The homeschool organization here had a "Person of Eminence" day, and Maxwell chose Victoria as his person.   When we got there, we realized that we were supposed to dress up as our person.---oops---not that I would have wanted Maxwell dressed as Queen Victoria anyway!  Maxwell did really well on his presentation.  I was glad that he chose her because she kind of sums up the industrial revolution in one person.  Here's our friend giving his report on Benjamin Franklin:

We also learned about Charles Dickens, but we never ended up doing our activity for him because we were too busy reading.  We read children's versions of Oliver Twist, Little Dorrit, David Copperfield, and of course A Christmas Carol.  We also read the two Tree House books about Dickens.  Can I just say again that I LOVE Mary Pope Osborne?!

And at co-op Maxwell made a candle and Hyrum keeps making cute crafts.  Every homeschool mom NEEDS a co-op!

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  1. Magic Treehouse- can't get enough of them. They are the starting point for so many new areas of interest around here.

    And yes, I sort of just stumbled on to your blog and had the cheek to comment about it. That's how I roll.