Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gandhi and frogs

This week we studied Gandhi.  Sometimes I absolutely love homeschooling because of all that I learn myself.  I don't remember learning about Gandhi in school, and it's wonderful to finally learn more about him now and pass that love of learning on to my boys.

Nonviolent Noncooperation.  Wow what a man.  We have a lot to learn from his example.  Maxwell pointed out that we have more to learn from Jesus.  I love that he recognized that, and I'm glad that I got to show them of another example.

Gandhi went to the sea and collected salt illegally to show defiance of the british, so we filled the bathtub with salt water and went on a march to fill up pots with salt water and boil away the water.  It turned out to be kind of fun.  Our house got very humid from the boiling water, and once the water was gone, the salt sputtered everywhere.

Gandhi also made his own cloth and clothes to show independence and to keep money inside india.  We made our own clothes as well:

And there was a homeschool organization party.  It was a pot luck where the food you brought had to go along with what you are studying.  You also could set up a display about the subject.  We did Gandhi, and we supplied the drink for the evening----lemon juice.  Gandhi fasted many times to help causes he believed in and most of the time he just had water, but sometimes he would add a bit of lemon in the water.

We had a display that was obviously made by my boys if you know what I mean, and my boys wore the Gandhi clothes they made themselves.

My little Gandhis:

This week in science we studied amphibians.  I usually follow the four year plan's science quite closely, but she had fish, amphibians, and reptiles all in the same week!  no thank you.  I had to come up with my own experiment/activities.  I got a lot of ideas here. That is where I got this cute print out for a tadpole to turn into a frog.

And we dissected a frog.  This is our last dissection for awhile.  I got these dissection materials from Amazon, but you can get them directly from Nasco which is an amazing online store that I think I will visit (mostly for science) again.

Also, I learned how to dissect from watching these you tube videos.  I've learned so much and I think my crew of boys have as well.

And it was Maxwell's birthday!!! He's eight and very excited to be baptized soon.  How did time fly?

Observe that he insisted on wearing his Gandhi outfit to his party----love that boy :)

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