Sunday, January 13, 2013

One fish two fish and the movies

This week for science we learned about fish.  We dissected a fish, but what was really fun for the boys was to talk about the fishes' swim bladder.  We talked about how fish creat gas inside their bodies to help them go up and down in the water and then we created gas from a solid and liquid (baking soda and vinegar)  The boys were sad when it didn't pop the balloon.

For history we learned about the the invention of Movies!  We watched "Steam Boat Willy" and we've started reading "The Invention of Hugo Cabret"  very cute book!!! Also, we made our very own movie. Behold the future academy award winner's first stop animation art piece:

I had planned on teaching about the prohibition and making root beer, but it's VERY hard to get dry ice in Canada and we couldn't find any root beer extract in town for the yeast kind either.  It kind of took the wind out of my sails.

I live in a town an hour away from big stores like Walmart and Home Depot.  In fact, I get most of my school stuff through this loverly store called AMAZON.  All praise the all powerful Amazon!!!

(yes those are all our boxes--we had an Amazon Christmas as well this year) However, for some odd reason, you can't get dry ice from Amazon ;)

And last of all----I have a confession to make---I broke down and bought an online curriculum.  I've tried avoiding these, but, well, I just gave in.  Maxwell is still finding reading tricky, and I bought him the "Explode the Code" workbooks.  I was really impressed with the layout of the books, and I felt they were key in teaching phonics, but Maxwell was getting burnt out with them quite quickly.  I hardly ever let him play on the computer so I knew if I bought the online Explode the code, the "online" bit would be exciting enough that he would not get burnt out. And so :

Online it is.  And quite awesome.  It is a program that knows how fast to go according to Maxwell's personal achievement.  It lets me spy on him and see where he is at, and how he got there. I'm excited.  Here's the link.

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