Monday, March 11, 2013

A cow heart, naughty plastic movies, and death to co-op

In science last week, we learned about the heart.  I realized I knew nothing about the heart!  How wonderful to be a homeschool mom and keep learning. Among books, we also learned from Bill Nye the Science guy.  I forgot how much I love him!  How fun.

For our club, we dissected a cow heart!!!! Granny Wendy has a friend with a slaughter house that was willing to give me one.  When they gave it to me I thought there was a mistake because it was HUGE! After this whole year of dissecting, I've been fine, but there was a major blood clot in the heart that made me gag a bit.

We also checked our heart rates and we saw how quickly the heart pumps gallons of blood, and tried to see if we could do it with water.

For history, we learned about the Zionist Conference and the creation of the Israel Nation.  I don't remember learning about this in school. Ever. Not even in college, but I think it is so important to modern politics, that it is a must learn.

We also learned about plastic. If you haven't noticed, I have purposefully had an invention-focused history year, and of course plastic is one of the most important inventions of our age. I had rented a video about the invention of plastic from the library.  After it went on forever about bras and then started talking about plastic contraceptives, I realized it was not for children.---really?----

We made our own "plastic" out of milk and vinegar.  It reminded me a lot of when we made homemade cheese.  Who knew cheese and plastic were related?----well, anyone who's eaten processed cheese ;)

Maxwell started CUBS!  How did I get so old?  You have never met a more enthusiastic new recruit:

And I had to include this:  Daniel often colours while the older boys do their reading, writing, and arithmetic.  This is one example.  He made "pirate animals."  Too cute.

Lastly, yes there will be no co-op.  I missed most of last semester because of Idaho, and this semester there was too much sickness and babies being born that it just never happened so we threw in the towel.  I think my boys will be okay without it, and hey, I really don't need another thing on my plate because---well----I'm lazy.

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