Sunday, March 17, 2013


This week in science we learned about Lungs.  We made our own lungs.  This was not too smart of me.  I should have made one model before hand instead of having everyone make their own.  It go too involved and time sucking. I don't know what I would have done if my friend hadn't helped me.

We also sucked through straws while running. This simulated smoking.  They thought smoking was a bad idea after that.

For history we learned about vaccinations, immunization, and antibiotics.  I know that sounds like science, but I was thinking about inventions when I created this plan, so I stuck it in history instead. I think it goes really well with our biology year.

Immunization.  I would like to state that I KNOW this is a controversial topic that many moms are very adamant about.  I don't really want to get into the debate here.  I have friends who are sure immunizations gave their child asperger syndrome.  I have friends who had their baby die of whooping cough because they didn't immunize. It's up to you what you do and how you teach your children about it, and then you should have no regrets.

Personally, I immunize.  I taught my children about Jenner and Pasteur and the miracle of their scientific discoveries and then I took them with me for William's shots.  I actually hate doing it.  Inflicting pain on my child is not my idea of fun.

We aslo learned about penicillin, antibiotics, and super bugs. Did you know that if a cleaning supply does not have alcohol or bleach in it, and it says it is antibacterial, IT IS BAD FOR YOU!  I had know idea!  It is creating super bugs in your own home.  No more antibacterial hand soap and dish soap for me!!!

Also, I thought it was cool that vaccines and antibiotics were both discovered by "accident."  I love the statement "Chance favours the prepared mind."  We talked about that a bit this week and how that "chance" is very often the spirit guiding you.

We played a game (I invented) where you take Mike 'n Ikes and eat them, and put some on a square of the game to see what is happening to the bacteria because of you eating penicillin.

I made this from clips from a Brain pop movie on super bugs and some photoshop magic.

We then ate some yogurt.  Daniel came up to me later and said "I want more bacteria!"  Too cute.

And of course it is that time of year again for the making of Leprechaun traps.  Gotta love St. Patricks day!

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