Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Brain, Tiananmen Square, and the Berlin Wall----with cows on the side.

For science we learned about the brain.  No brain to dissect. Whimper. It's hard to get one because of mad cow disease. So we did without.  Some highlights we checking our reflexes by seeing how fast we could grab a falling pole, and seeing if we could reteach our brain by writing with something besides our right hands.

For history we learned about Tiananmen square---so sad. Scary that the Chinese leaders basically said "If we make our citizens happy and healthy, they will never riot for their freedom again." Scarier still that they were right. We made funeral wreaths for Hu since it was Hu's funeral that began the revolt.

And I have loved learning about the Berlin Wall.  Did you know that the fall of the Berlin wall was an accident? The administrators never intended to have things happen the way they did. It was pretty much the power of the press and how, if so many people believe something is true, then it is.

We acted out the Berlin Wall, but it actually distressed Hyrum out to be stuck on one side of the house. His frown is real.  Maxwell's is fake.

There was the CUTEST book about the Berlin wall that even helped Daniel understand what happened.  It's called "The Balloon Sailors."  I remember watching a movie about this story when I was little. Simple book but powerful.

A quick update on math, Maxwell is doing awesome, and he can now count any amount of money quite well. For about a week, I would have some change in my pocket and if he could count it correctly, he could keep it. Not shockingly, Maxwell LOVED this. I have stopped doing this on such a regular basis.  I would go broke!

And last but not least WE BOUGHT A COW!!! Well, we bought equal shares into three cows, a few chickens and a goat!  I love having sisters-in-law who live in the country who are willing to share with us city folk!

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