Sunday, June 16, 2013

The eye and Middle East issues

Okay people. Yes the U.S. has been done with school for a while, but here in Canada we are going strong.  One more week of full throng in this house.  One. More. Week.

For science we learned about the eye. I was so happy I had my friend's help. I'm kind of burned out of  having to prepare lessons, so I wasn't prepared when we were supposed to start. An hour later, we were on track, but hey, all the kids were having a blast running around until then. It's all good.

One of the experiments we did, was to see how the lens turns everything upside-down. It was cool. You take a lens and tracing paper and look at a window, and the scene is projected upside-down. We did lots of other things, but I was sad I didn't have an eye to dissect. I was given cow eye, but I waited until science day to dissect it, and it went bad by then.

We learned about Dessert Storm for history. It was weird how little info I could find to share with my kids. I guess history doesn't think it was important, but as a little girl, I thought the gulf war was pretty darn important.

We burned oil to commemorate the war. It took awhile to start burning, but once it did, it BURNED. I was talking to them how oil fires should never have water put on it, when Maxwell spit on it out of curiosity. It was like a fire bomb went off! Crazy.

We also learned about 9/11. We talked about how the best way to conquer terrorism is to have hope, and we wrote hopes we had for the world on helium balloons that we let go. Maxwell hoped that they flew to the president (notice he didn't say "Prime Minister?"---yah, I'm so a U.S. mom who lives in Canada. Don't worry. I'll teach myself Canada politics/history and teach it to my kids---someday.)

Hyrum was really affected by learning about 9/11. He made his own activity. Without any coaxing from me, Hyrum made a whole New York skyline and made paper airplanes and threw them at the twin towers. I know that sounds barbaric, but I really think it was some coping mechanism for him because the whole thing was way too much for his emotional heart to handle. To make it a game made it unreal. I know that might not make sense, but that's what I think happened.

Moving on to math, Maxwell was very proud of himself this week. I introduce perimeters to him, and he found it really easy. I was quite proud of him as well.

And last but not least, it was Hyrum's BIRTHDAY!  We had a superhero party designed by my sister who sells them here.  I was hoping this would be our end of year party, but it was not meant to be I guess.

See you NEXT WEEK!

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