Monday, September 23, 2013

Stars and making More Maps

Okay, it's late. This needs to be quick.

We studied about stars in science. My class seems to be growing. We even had a little girl join us, but I'm not sure if it was her cup of tea.

We did experiments about the brightness of stars, the movement of stars and the birth and death of stars. One experiment was putting some "stars" on an umbrella and turning the globe to show how it's the earth, not the stars that move and why to polar star stays constant.

For geography, we made our own maps of made up countries. We learned different geographic terms (such as archipelago) and then included that in our country. This is one example of some of the maps we made:

We aslo had our first ROBOTICS CLUB!!! fun fun! My friend, whose husband does robotic clubs professionally, is hosting this club that is sure to be educational and just plain awesome.

I thought I would show this video proving that we are learning geography songs. First one: The Continents! :)

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