Monday, September 9, 2013

Week One! Here we go Again!!!!

Here we are at the beginning of another school year! Oh yah!

This year will be different because instead of studying history, we will be learning geography and modern cultures. We'll focus on the good in all the world, so perhaps it won't be learning current events, but it will be educational none the less.

My detailed plans will have to wait until next week. Tweaking is still needed.

Science this year is going to be fun. It will cover astronomy, geology, meteorology and good stuff like that.

This week we started our science class! Oh yah, I am on the ball!!!

We learned about the atmosphere, why the sky is blue, and all about telescopes. One fun experiment was making a pinhole camera to talk about telescopes making things upside down.

For geography, we started learning about maps. We started our continents song as well. Composed by yours truly :) We learned about different kinds of maps, longitude, latitudes etc, and made our own topographical maps. We spent one day making them out of salt dough, and another painting them.

Hyrum's had a hill, volcano, mountain, and tornado---tornado? Yah whatever. Maxwell's was the Earth, with the pacific ocean in the middle so he could show the ring of fire. See his red circle of dots? Those are volcanos. Perfect year for my kids to learn earth science eh?

And cubs started back up too. A mother son activity. We went canoeing in the middle of a thunder storm (!?!) no leaders seemed concerned. We also made branded wood and did archery. Maxwell loves scouts.

I think the whole family is happy to be in the swing of things again, but no one as much as Daniel, who I have decided is ready for kindergarten even though he is only four. He's doing great, and is super cute.

Have you noticed that my quality of photos has deteriorated? Yah, my camera was stolen. We will survive until I get another one, but I am totally bummed.

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